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Soliders Field
Boston, Massachusetts 02163, US
Phone: +1 617 495 6128

Harvard Business School combines academic excellence, the pick of the brightest students, a commitment to the case method, hefty financial assistance and a superbly equipped 35-acre campus. HBS remains the gold standard of business schools. 

Decisive moments define a Harvard Business School education. Here, everything from section life to case studies, from field-based learning to international Immersions, culminates in one larger lesson — what it means to assume leadership.

Through case method courses, FIELD projects, multimedia simulations, and more, you’ll exercise the leadership skills you will practice in business and beyond. The issues are complex, the stakes high, and the demands challenging. But as a result, you leave HBS with lessons in leadership that are practical, invaluable, and most importantly, real.

HBS have 3 application rounds for the Class of 2020 (matriculating fall 2018): September 6, 2017, January 3, 2018 and April 2, 2018. Students applying through the 2+2 deferred admissions process must apply in the 2+2 Round by April 10, 2018.

Student profile

  • Full-time

Number of Students: 925
Average age: 27
Average years of work experience: 4
Percentage of women: 40%
Internationa: 32%
Average GMAT: 730


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