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The University of Applied Sciences Europe


Campus Berlin Dessauer Str.  3-5, 10963

Mobile +49 15226817858 +7 906 331 9997 

Art & DesignBusiness and Sports, Media & Event uniquely united in one school

The University of Applied Sciences Europe – in Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg – educates the designers and decision-makers of tomorrow.

It came into existence in 2017 after the merge of BTK – Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule and BiTS – Business and Information Technology School.

The university promotes the future-oriented development of skills and interdisciplinary teaching formats in step with actual practice and according to the highest international standards. Through the interaction between creative, entrepreneurial and digital thinking, as well as an international perspective, the various fields of study mutually enrich each other and offer new approaches in teaching and research tailored to the requirements of Job Market 4.0.

Top 10 universities in business specialties among German universities in 2018 according to the rating of the European Committee U-multirank

Study in English or German language

Admission to undergraduate programs immediately after school, without having to undergo training 

Private student colleges in Iserlohn with guaranteed admission to a state university partner in technical programs (biomedicine, engineering, computer science)

State accreditation, including for exceptional academic staff, as well as accreditation of one of the most influential organizations - Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA)
Diplomas recognized worldwide

The internship semester included in the program allows you to find potential employers faster, already in the process of studying and get recommendations for resumes

93% of students are employed in the first 6 months after graduation

Unique digital design and business programs

All campuses have modern expensive equipment that students can use: production studios with a green screen, photo labs, poppy laboratories, laboratories for motion design, equipment for various types of printing, cameras, etc.

MBA programs

Duration of program
3,5 years (half year internship included)
10380 Euro a year




Communication Design


Film Motion Design

Game Design

Duration of program
3 years (half year intership included)

Business Management

Digital Business Data Science

Sport & Event  Management


Duration of program
12600-14300 in a year

Corporate Management  1 year cost 13188 

Finance management 2 years cost 13188 in a year

International sport & event management 2 years cost 13188 in a year

Media Spaces 1.5 year 12 600 € in a year

Innovation Design Management, 1 year cost 14 300€ 

Фотография, 1.5 year cost 12 600€ in a year

Visual Design 1 year cost 14 300€




Student profile

  • Masters

Min. GMAT Score No

Min. TOEFL Score 60

Min. IELTS 6.0

Min. years of work experience No

Application fee - free

Average age - 18-27

International students 50 international /50 germans in berlin campus

Average IELTS/TOEFL score 7.0

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