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79, avenue de la République
75543 Paris cedex 11 France

Tel: 0039 011 670 5894
Fax: + 33 (0)1 43 55 99 63


ESCP Europe is a high level institution committed to producing and transmitting knowledge in management in accordance with international standards shared by the management education community. 

Detecting talent:

ESCP Europe is highly selective in its student recruiting.

Teaching refinement:

We develop refined pedagogy adapted to our different programmes (student and executive) and to our broad range of student origins.

Imaginative research:

With over 700 company executives presenting their experience, 5,000 managers in corporate executive programmes, and active company involvement through the Chairs and the ESCP Europe Foundation, ESCP Europe has a strong relationship with the corporate world and develops an expertise to support firms competitiveness.

European mission:

To contribute to the development of Europe, defining a model for European management, interacting intensively with the other regions of the world. 

Urban & urbane:

In & of major European cities, at home through our 5 campuses, at the heart of history, culture, emerging lifestyles and trends and business, proximity with headquarters, innovative projects and companies.

Human in a Human World:

An education based on mutual learning where human values, the diversity of a multicultural environment, teamwork, fair play, social commitment, and the challenge of ethical dilemmas.

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MBA programs

Masters Programs
Duration of program
From 1 to 3 years
15 500 euro - 25 500 euro

Starting dates: September of each year

Deadline (s): May / July of each year

MBA Programs, Full time
Duration of program
1 year / 15 months
32 000 euro

Starting dates: September of each year

Deadline (s): July of each year

Admissions Requirements

Min. GMAT Score: 500

Min. TOEFL Score: 100

Min. IELTS: 7

Min. years of working experience: 0 for masters, 3 years for MBA full-time

Application fee: 170 euro

MBA Programs, EMBA
56 000 euro

Starting dates: January and March 2018

Deadline (s): December and February

Student profile

  • Full-time

Number of students: In each class and average of 40 students

Avarage age: 20 / 25 master programmes, 28 years of age for MBA Full- time

Avarage years of work experience: 0 - 3 years

Percentage of women: 45%

International: >50%

Avarage GMAT score: 600


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