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Vlerick Business School


191186 St. Petersburg
Italian Street, building 17
T. +7 812 493 54 02

9000 Gent
Reep 1, Belgium
T. +32 9 210 97 11


Vlerick Business School is a leading international business school. Our educational program combining theoretical knowledge and practical tools, awarded the prestigious accreditations and recognized on a global level. We are one of the leading educational institutions with the strongest traditions in the field of innovative and independent research.

The main difference from other business schools not only in what we do but how we do it. What in Russia is called "work with heart"is our credo and one of the main advantages. The spirit of the Vlerick is openness, energy, passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. This attitude is reflected in all activities of the school, our professors, teaching methods, students, alumni and business partners, as well as the campuses of Vlerick, full of life and creativity.

All this led to what is now Vlerick is a leading business school, Playground, where people and companies come together to work together to create a new, global business.

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