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What It Now Costs To Get an INSEAD MBA

Logically, if you enrol into an MBA program that lasts only for a year, it should be twice as cheap than if you choose a two-year MBA. Additionally, you’d have to allocate less money for accommodations and food.

Tesla Heads To Tuck For 1st Case Comp

A large case competition will be hosted by Dartmouth Tuck Business School this September. The competition will include several business school teams. New Tesla Model 3 is expected to be featured prominently at this event.

AI creeps into the work of MBA careers advisers

Thanks to technology, the process of finding the first postgraduate job has become different now. Many startups (some of them launched by former MBA students) are dealing directly with careers departments at business schools.

What A Harvard MBA Now Costs

It’s not as easy to find out the real cost of an MBA at HBS as you would think. To learn the actual cost of tuition requires taking a lot of factors into consideration.


Are you interested in business education, but not sure what to start with? This guide will help you to find out the difference between the available types of business degrees and learn which one is the best fit for you.Business education comes in many flavors. Which type is best for you depends on your lifestyle, job and preferences. To make one of the most important decisions in your life – where to enroll to make your career go up quickly – you will have to consider several important factors, such as how much you value your current job, how much are you prepared to pay for your education, whether there is a possibility of scholarship or sponsorship, and how much time you can afford to give to studies. 

MBA Prestige May Not Matter That Much

A lot of people planning to enter a business school believe that the school’s prestige is the most important thing in making your choice. However, according to experts interviewed by US News and World Report, a business school’s value is not determined by its prestige.
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