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Trouble Signs For Part-Time MBA Programs

Although part-time MBA programs in the US remain popular among applicants and recruiters alike and do not appear to struggle the way their full-time counterparts do, they haven’t been growing in demand for many years, which does give cause for concern, according to the recent GMAC report.

Getting The Most Out Of YouTube For Schools

Here’s a well-known digital marketing fun fact that bears repeating: the most popular search engine in the world is Google, and the second-most popular search engine in the world is YouTube.


Online learning continues to grow both in popularity and reputation. Advances in technology, together with more careful planning, has led to many institutions offering online courses that provide just as much depth and personalized instruction as their on-campus equivalents.

HBS Kicks Off 2018-19 MBA App Season

Harvard Business School hasn’t even completed this fall’s admissions, and still they already published the next year’s deadline.

B-Schools Report Tech, Consulting Boom

According to the recent 2017 MBA CSEA Fall Recruiting Trends Survey by the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance, compared to last year’s data, MBA graduates and other master’s degree holders are being recruited much more often in the tech, consulting and some other industries.

Data Science Is The Big Draw In Business Schools

To get a corporate executive job, Maria Jimenez decided to obtain an MBA degree. However, having seen her colleagues at the IT department of Tecnoquimicas – a pharmaceutical company – she eventually changed her mind.

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