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Your MBA application essay mastered

To write the ultimate application essay for a business school, you need to be brief, reasonably talented in writing and very honest about yourself. If you have any significant life achievements, don’t be shy to mention them.

MBA Admissions: How Full-Time Stats Differ From Part-Time & Executive MBAs

Fact is, you’re giving too much effort to getting admitted into one of the best MBA programs.

HBS Adds Scholarship Support for Low-Income MBA Students

A recent Harvard graduate, Taniel Chan, whose father has been working for thirty years as a waiter in New York, now has two degrees – an HBS MBA and a Harvard Kennedy School Master’s in Public Policy.

What MBAs Really Want From Employers

The primary interest of MBAs looking for a job is money: that’s the aspect of work they value above all else.

Chinese students and political uncertainty drive rise in applications for financial courses

Nowadays, with uncertain global politics and economy, financial degree holders are in highest demand. This spells good news for universities and schools teaching finance, as there are more and more people who want to obtain their education there.

Over A Third Of Stanford MBAs Do Startups

According to The Financial Times’ recent research on businesses, the ratio of Stanford, Babson and MIT alumni launching their own startups no later than 3 years after graduation is more than 1:3. All in all, 36% of 2013 students have started their own companies.
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