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09 Sep, 2017
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InterContinental Frankfurt
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 43 · 60329 Frankfurt
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Über die MBA-Messe

Wir laden zukünftige Bewerber ein: Middle und Top Manager, Unternehmer werden sich mit Top-Vertretern der Business Schools und Professoren in Frankfurt treffen.

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Liste der Business-Schools

1. Kommunikation mit Vertretern von ТОР-25 Business Schools in verschiedenen Formaten: individuelle Gespräche, Gruppendiskussionen, Informationsunterlagen, Rückmeldungen der Absolventen.

2. Ratschläge zur Ablegung von Aufnahmeprüfungen und Immatrikulation von führenden Firmen, die sich mit der Vorbereitung auf Tests beschäftigen.

3. Umfassende Beratung über Finanzierung und Stipendien.

4. Bekanntschaft mit HR-Direktoren von 20 größten Unternehmen Deutschlands.

5.Networking mit MBA25-Teilnehmern und Absolventen.


GMAT-Workshop with GMAT-Workshop

GMAT-Workshop was founded 5 years by Claus Huber while he did his MBA program in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Claus coached hundreds of students to a successful GMAT and offers courses and coaching around Germany, online and at major universities around Europe.
In this Workshop participants will get an overview how to successful master the GMAT – the Graduate Management Admission Test, an exam necessary for the application to almost all Business Schools.
You will get an overview about the different parts of the GMAT exam and tips and strategies how to prepare for the test and master the questions.


How to select the right MBA with Clare Wimmer!

Join us for an insightful panel regarding the application process and attaining a MBA. Listen to real life experiences from these top MBA alumni. We will discuss the thought process and external factors that lead them to select their programs. We will also discuss how their MBA changed their lives.

About Clare: "My goal is to set you apart from your competition. My name is Clare Wimmer and I am an executive coach that specializes in career development and transition. This means assisting you through the next step of pursuing an MBA or coaching you through an internal reorganization for a more challenging role. My aim as your coach is to work with you to develop a plan that is strategic and practical so that your professional goals are met."



Eins-zu-eins-Treffen mit Wirtschaftsschule Vertreter von Business Schools.

Offenes Messe Treffen mit ESMT Berlin Business School




Informationsveranstaltung von Business Schools und Professoren.


Podiumsdiskussion mit Alumni von Spitzenuniversitäten

Gründe zu besuchen

Why Attend MBA25ТОР-10 Business Schools im internationalen Rating
Why Attend MBA25Treffen unter vier Augen mit Vertretern der Business Schools
Why Attend MBA25Persönliche Agenda für jeden Teilnehmer – interaktives Seminar
Why Attend MBA25Karrieremöglichkeiten nach МВА


Format 1-2-1 Treffen
  • 20 Minuten
  • Treffen Sie sich persönlich mit dem Direktor / Vertreter der Business-School
  • Besprechen Sie Ihre Zukunft und Karriere
  • Finden Sie die effektive Zulassungsstrategie, die Ihnen am besten passt

Format Info Session
  • 40 Minuten
  • Besuchen Sie die Präsentation des offiziellen Vertreters der School
  • Bekommen Sie die komplette Information über Business School
  • Erfahren Sie alles rund um Deadlines und Anforderungen zu den Kandidaten
Format Podiums-
  • 40 Minuten
  • Kommunizieren Sie mit MBA-Absolventen und Experten
  • Diskutieren Sie über die aktuellen Themen rund um die Zulassung zum MBA-Programm
  • Erfahren Sie alle Details über den Studienprozess
  • Stellen Sie die Fragen
  • Bewertungen


Leyla Shukurova,

Thank you for organizing this event, it was a really great help because of consulting regarding my personal profile from representatives of Business Schools and test-preparation Partners. Which is not direct opportunity here, in Germany.

Suk-Rae Cho,
«Samsung Electronics»

One to one meetings were very interesting because I could ask all questions that no answer in brochures and evaluate each school for future studying. My first idea was to study in US, so I`d like to know how it would be to live and study in USA. But after this event, I understood that there are a good opportunities for me to study in Europe. I keep my mind open for that. Thank you.

Oliver Tempel,
Investment Management Consultant

The 121 meetings were quite interesting. I`ve learnt a lot about process of applying for School, different programs and formats, how to distinguish each other. I am here to know how I can proceed on my next professional step.

Jorge Reyes,
«Tungsten Investment Funds»

Schedule was convenient. I have more time to speak to each school, which gives all efficient information according programs and admission process. Most of the schools provided practical information about living in certain city, having my own personal life there. So in my opinion it was a really good MBA event.


Staufenbiel Institut GmbH

Staufenbiel Institut GmbH

General partner

Staufenbiel Institut is Germany’s leading provider of graduate careers websites, publications and events. Our products and services are aimed at informing the career choices of students and young professionals. For recruiters we offer an unbeatable range of products to reach the most talented students and promote their employer brands and vacancies.

Clare Wimmer
Gmat workshop
Headhunting trends

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Oleksii Glushchuk

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What is an MBA25 event?
MBA25 runs special MBA Boutique Events connecting the best business schools with the best candidates. 
Who are participants of MBA25?
Official representatives from TOP Business Schools, members of Admissions board and alumni meet with those who are interested in getting an MBA degree.  
How can I register for MBA25?
To participate in an MBA25 event, you need to register at the events page and fill in all the fields of the application form accurately and honestly. A couple of days before the event you will receive the agenda, your personal invitation, and all the event details by email. Please don’t forget to check your spam folder in order not to miss any important correspondence.
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