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Going Online Can Help MBA Programs Enter New Markets

With globalization shrinking the world and bringing markets much closer to each other, some MBA schools remain stuck on the choice between global and local, whereas others go beyond this dilemma, reacting most appropriately: they allow their programs to be more relevant and flexible.

Innovative solutions for MBA schools

Five thousand dollars is the median cost for a business school per one representativeat an international MBA fair. In an age when digital technologies are key maintainers of human engagement, 74% of business schools stick to on-site representative presence at an education fair. 

How business schools worldwide attract their students

As Europe and Asia enjoyed a sharp rise in applications for business degrees this year, most US schools struggled to receive their expected volume of candidates. Out of 393 MBA programs in the US, an overwhelming 78% reported a decline in international applications.  

GMAT 2018. What to expect and how to prepare

Understanding the exam purpose and awareness of its current structure are key to scoring high.

How to get into Haas, Berkeley, IMD, IE, EDEHC, Oxford. A Taste of MBA Webinar

Want to know how it is to be an MBA? How to get into Haas, Berkeley, IMD, IE, EDEHC, Oxford?


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